Helping Keeping the World Green
There are 3 ways of getting rid of unwanted household items:
     The first and worst way is the trash
     The second way is to donate them and at the end of the year get a government tax write off 
R.H.I. AZ 
The best way is to sell to RHI AZ and get cash NOW.
Our goal is to help Tucson Stay Clean and Green. Too many times perfectly good items are discarded for no reason other than  to get rid of them. RHIAZ is here to give everyday household items a new life.

Our motto is "one man's trash is another man's treasure."
If you're selling an estate, our team will come in, purchase everything you're selling, then move everything out so you can get on with out the clutter.

We will move everything out so you can get on with remodeling, or listing your house for sale.